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Having difficulty reading the computer screen?

iZoom can help!

Working on a computer while having difficulty seeing can be stressful, especially for those who rely on computers for their jobs.

With iZoom you have customisable magnification levels from 1.25x to 50x, you'll have the ability to zoom in to those hard to see items on your screen.

iZoom has human sounding RealSpeak voices which will also assist you in identifying on screen items, whether you are composing an email or browsing the web.

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Font Smoothing

iZoom's patent-pending ClearPoint font-smoothing will maintain crystal clear text quality regardless of zoom level.

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Smart Align

With the new Smart Align feature wide, unmanageable blocks of text can be fitted neatly to the with of your screen making it easy to read just about anything on the web.

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Scroll Bars

Don't get lost on your screen when magnified! We've invented a revolutionary technology called Zoom Scroll Bars which will let you know where you are on the page.

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iZoom v4.0 is here!

iZoom has come a long way in the last year and we are happy to finally announce that v4.0 has arrived.

Back posture is a big problem within the VI market and with this in mind we have introduced a module into iZoom which is aimed at stopping bad posture.

PDF's are now much easier to read, will read out text and change font colours with smart align.

Personalise smart align colours and scroll bars allow you to pick colours appropriate for your needs.

Mouse wheel zoom has been added for increased functionality as well as finer magnification increments for better results.

We are also happy to announce that from today you can try all these new iZoom features for 30 days for free. If you have any queries, questions or even ideas that you would like to see added please do not hesitate to contacts us.

The new iZoom Screen Magnifier & Reader from issist represents a leap in screen magnification technology. iZoom's patent-pending ClearPoint font smoothing maintains crystal clear text quality regardless of zoom level. iZoom makes viewing web pages and emails easier than ever with SmartAlign, our new patent-pending technology which doesn't require you to scroll horizontally over and over to read paragraphs extending beyond the screen.

You can carry your iZoom Screen Magnifier & Reader on a portable thumb drive and use it on any Windows compatible PC without administrative privileges or installation. Great for the professional user. Although most schools, libraries and public clusters prevent installation of any kind, most screen magnifiers require installation. iZoom is the only professional screen magnifier for PC's which allows you to use any computer, any where without licensing or installation issues. iZoom from issist works equally well on laptops and desktops with XP, Vista & Windows 7.

Best of all, iZoom Screen Magnifier & Reader from issist is affordable! At about half the price of most professional screen magnifiers, iZoom is without question the best value for your money. iZoom is the newest and best speech/magnifier for professional vision services throughout the UK.

Call, email or download and let us show you how iZoom could help you. We like to take care of users with low vision and offer very high services throughout.